Homeric tastes and feelings 

"I confess to finding no greater enjoyment than when everyone is joined in happiness, and the guests listen to the bard with fixed attention, the tables are full of bread and food, and the winebearer pours wine from the crater to fill the cups. I feel deeply that there is nothing better than this”

These are the words of Odysseus for the joy that comes with sharing food with friends and loved ones. And now you are in the restaurant of the Homeric Poems hotel. Here delectable produce newly sprung from the volcanic soil of Santorini with flavors not found anywhere else in the world are the inspiration for the mouth-watering creations of the famous Greek chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos, creations that take you on a tasting tour of the Mediterranean. After enjoying the sun and the island’s landscape, bring the experience to completion with lunch or dinner prepared with carefully selected products from all the islands of the Aegean Sea.

At your private terrace or in the bar area, enjoy delicious dishes prepared with hand- picked ingredients of unique flavor. The cuisine of the Homeric Poems Hotel calls for a tantalizing pause in your journey, your chance to enjoy delicacies that create feelings of well-being during your stay at the Homeric Poems Hotel.

The Chef

Dimitris Skarmoutsos is one of the most well-known chefs in Greece. He studied economics at UCLA, continued his studies at the Culinary Institute of America and worked in the Sheraton hotel chain. An"Odysseus" who has traveled extensively and sampled the cuisines of many nations, he favors the Mediterranean cuisine.
A reviewer for the Greek “Master Chef”, he was for many years with the restaurant Alatsi in Crete. He is currently associated with the Ergon restaurant chain which has branches in Athens,Thessaloniki, Skiathos, Rhodes and London. Dimitris Skarmoutsos is the Executive Chef of Homeric Poems Hotel.
He has created a menu that features the Mediterranean cuisine, using ingredients from Santorini and the Aegean Islands. An array of delectable flavors, colors, and aromas awaits you.