Life as
a Journey.
as a Poem.
The story of the Karavias family is an ongoing journey inspired by our ancestors’ thirst for exploration and the untamed spirit of Grecian seafarers. Having the sea that unites us all as a starting point, the shores that we reach are just a step in time.
Follow the Sea.
Live the Adventure.
From Ithaca to Santorini and the seas of the world. The journey of the Karavias family.
Sail Off
The creation of our family business was paved by our grandfather, who left Ithaca and settled with his wife in Santorini. As the mayor of Fira, he was involved in projects that forever shaped the modern face of the island. He also actively engaged in the naval affairs of Santorini.
Inspiration & Creation
Sharing his vision and diligence, his son Chrysanthos Karavias laid the foundations of the Homeric Poems Hotel, which after a long series of expansions and renovations came to the hands of his daughter Andromache, who currently runs the property with unique flair and elegance.
What is Nostos?
But the journey continues… Today, Chrysanthos has returned to his grandfather’s homeland Ithaca to apply himself to the creation of gastronomic delights you’ll have the pleasure to relish during your stay in our Santorini hotel. Perhaps now it’s all clearer to you that arriving at Homeric Poems is only the beginning!
Homeric Poems Hotel Santorini

The Experience of a Lifetime.

Homeric Poems Hotel in Santorini is a collection of rooms and suites on one of the most beautiful spots on the caldera of Firostefani in Santorini. Inspired by the most beautiful poems ever written and the journey of Odysseus (Ulysses) which expresses the balance of nature, divine powers and human ingenuity, along with great respect for our history and family values, we created a hospitality experience in Santorini meant to make you feel unique and celebrate your journey and arrival to the shores of Santorini. Time to write your poem during your stay at Homeric Poems Hotel in Santorini.
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A Love Note to the Caldera
All rooms and suites of the Homeric Poems Hotel enjoy unobstructed caldera views from private balconies and are decorated with artefacts and antiques from our family's private collection. Book your stay now.
“You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.” Rhapsody 7, The Iliad by Homer

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