Honeymoon at Homeric Poems

The romantic scenery of the caldera, the exceptional services designed especially for honeymooners who choose Homeric Poems Hotel for the first days of their new life make the honeymoon in the village of Firostefani in Santorini a dreamy experience. The suites and the apartments of the Homeric Poems Hotel offer anything you need to give your honeymoon a special and very romantic dimension. Ask the people at the hotel to propose and prepare small and big bridal surprises for your honeymoon and indulge in treatments that will make your wedding stay at Homeric Poems a beautiful and memorable experience.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions in Santorini

The goddess Athena appears in Nausica's dream, saying: "Yet your marriage approaches… you will not be a single girl for very long. The bravest of the Phaeacians have already begun to ask for your hand in marriage.

Nausica, daughter of King Alcinous, prepares for her wedding. At the Homeric Poems Hotel everything will be ready for your glorious day. The romantic landscape of Santorini, the location of Homeric Poems Hotel on Santorini's caldera, and the care taken by the staff of the Homeric Poems Hotel, down to the smallest detail, to make this beautiful day of your life carefree and unforgettable.
Allow the majesty of the caldera’s multicolored cliffs to work its magic, creating for your wedding the most romantic ambience in the world.

The experience of the Homeric Poems staff in planning wedding and events guarantees that your wedding day will be exactly as you dreamed it would be. Surrounded by love, amid the magic of the caldera’s spectacular landscape, you will declare your wedding vows of eternal love and unity in a beautiful and powerful setting.

Services of Homeric Poems Hotel for your wedding:

  • The pool area overlooking the caldera is at your disposal during the day or at sunset time for your wedding
  • Collection of necessary documents 
  • Wedding planner available
  • Stylist and hairdresser
  • Wedding cake
  • Welcome cocktail 
  • Champagne and drinks
  • Decoration with flowers
  • Photographer
  • Fireworks
  • Cruise organization at the waters of the caldera for you and your guests
  • Massage for relaxation before or after marriage.

The services for weddings certainly do not stop here. For any information and for your needs and wedding suggestions or for any other event, please contact the people of Homeric Poems.

Booking conditions:

Please notify us at least two months before the wedding day. A deposit of 20% of the total amount of reservation is required. The deposit is refunded in full if you cancel up to a month before your wedding day.