Welcome to Homeric Poems Hotel in Santorini

Welcome to the Homeric Poems Hotel in Santorini, an island where myth is  cherished also by a hotel.  Located in the caldera of Firostefani, Homeric Poems Hotel was created for you to indulge in magic, to bask in beauty, to savor flavorful delicacies. Let yourself be soothed by the clear blue sea and sky that  frame the enchanted caldera of Firostefani.  
Homeric Poems is a hotel where your moments become memorable pauses along life’s journey, woven forever into your personal history. 
Inspired by the splendid poetry of Homer, the Homeric Poems Hotel combines quality services with facilities designed to make your vacation at this beautiful location – a ten-minute walk from Thira, the island’s capital - a complete experience.  With the aim of making your stay enjoyable and unforgettable, in keeping with their heritage, the people of Homeric Poems do their utmost to embody the lofty spirit of Greece’s legendary hospitality.  
The sea. The sky. Blueness. Simplicity. Contentment.  Envision the words, arrange the images, and write your own poem. Live your own life at Homeric Poems Hotel in Firostefani, Santorini. And our promise, like that of Penelope upon first meeting, after ten years, the disguised Odysseus: "Stranger, I liked you from the beginning, and now you will become a valuable friend of mine in this palace."