The history of the Homeric Poems Hotel and Karavias family says it all: the journey, the adventure, the sea that unites us wherever we are; the magic of exploration, the joy of discovery, the splendor of nature and mankind; the nature of man, capable of everything. But what is Odysseus doing in Santorini? Who is this Odysseus who chose the caldera of Santorini to tell his own story?
The great-grandfather of the current owner leaves the island of Ithaca and comes to Santorini with his wife.
Working in the tourism sector, he lays the foundations for the creation of the Homeric Poems Hotel. It takes years to transform this slope of caldera into a unique hotel. In 1994 his great-grandson, Chryssanthos, begins building the first ten apartments. Two more houses are added in 1996 in addition to the pool area. The senior suites, housed in an authentic, Santorini captain’s mansion, are completed in 1999. The last addition, the Grand Suites and the Honeymoon Suite 'Achilles', begun in 2001, is completed in 2005.
The name Homeric Poems Hotel is a tribute to Ithaca, the owner’s birthplace,  and to the birthplace of Homer’s hero, Odysseus.
Ithaca is, for generations of readers of Homer, a metaphor for homecoming.  Because of these associations,  the naming of the Homeric Poems Hotel is fitting.  Only a poet of Homer’s stature could do justice to the beauty of the caldera and to the magic of Santorini.
Has Chryssanthos Karavias arrived at his destination? Is the journey of Homeric Poems Hotel at its end?  Whatever the answer, the important thing is that your journey has just started.