Welcome to the Homeric Poems Hotel in Santorini, an island where myth is cherished also by a hotel. Located in the caldera of Firostefani, Homeric Poems Hotel was created for you to indulge in magic, to bask in beauty, to savor flavorful delicacies.
Let yourself be soothed by the clear blue sea and sky that frame the enchanted caldera of Firostefani.


Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The unique caldera, the view, the volcanic beaches, the delicious products, the famous wines and especially the aura and power of the landscape have placed the island first on the lists of the top destinations in the world


The history of the Homeric Poems Hotel and Karavias family says it all: the journey, the adventure, the sea that unites us wherever we are; the magic of exploration, the joy of discovery, the splendor of nature and mankind; the nature of man, capable of everything. But what is Odysseus doing in Santorini? Who is this Odysseus who chose the caldera of Santorini to tell his own story?

The fishing Boat

Leaving the island of Circe, Odysseus meets pleasant weather; Homer describes the scene as follows: "Smoothly the ship sailed through the ocean’s currents, first with oars, then only with the fair wind.”


The logo of the Homeric Poems Hotel, a rosette in a repeating pattern, was inspired by the scene in the Odyssey in which Odysseus compares Nausica to a young, slender sapling palm...